Industry Interviews

Dr. Paul Skalski (December, 2012) - Professor of Communication Cleveland State University
Presence and Video Games

Dr. Michael Kim (August, 2012) - CEO Kairos Labs
Behavior-Change: And Implementation of Psychology and Games

Ron Meiners (March, 2012) - Veteran Community Manager
The Community Management in the Face of Social Science and Analytics

Evan Brown (March, 2012) - Digital Artist & Engineer at Carnegie Mellon University
AUGUR - Rapidly Prototyped Experiments with Unity and Mechanical Turk

Dr. Dmitri Williams (October, 2011) - Professor of Communication at USC  & CEO of Ninja Metrics
Ninja Metrics and Telemetry Systems

Damion Schubert - Veteran Game Design (Designer of Combat Systems SWTOR)
The Continuum of Player Investment - Beyond the Hardcore/Casual Dichotomy