The Daily Show on Tap Fish

The Daily Show questions the addictive nature of games like Tap Fish. We have been wondering about the exploitative nature of games for some time her at M.P. I thought the CEOs explanation of the F2P business model and the argument that Tap Fish teaches children responsibility were pretty funny. Things like this make me wonder how long things can go before regulations come down. I thought it would be the Diablo 3 auction house that made a stir, but now I am thinking it will be Facebook games that really bring the hammer down on the industry.

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3 Responses to “The Daily Show on Tap Fish”

  1. I wonder: If F2P whales are a such a small chunk of a game's player base, how many of them are kids with their parents credit cards? Not an insignificant chunk, I'd bet. Not a majority, but not an outlier amongst outliers, either.

    • Travis says:

      You get the feeling from the interview that the CEO completely understands what they are doing and is trying to sweep over it with the "teach responsibility" and "its free" lines. It's a good question Isaac. I keep wondering if the dam is eroding and regulation is just around the corner.

      • I'd be suprised to see regulation in the US any time soon, but European regulation could be fast approaching. In the SU, responsibility for financial activities carried out by kids with a parent's credit card is going to fall on said parents. But I do expect that we'll see a bigger push by the IRS in the next three to five years to require reporting of earnings from the sale of virtual assets and currencies.

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