GDC Online 2011 Coverage Starts Now!

So things have begun. We're here at GDC Online in Austin, TX, attending talks, exploring the expo floor, and with plans to publish lots of good content over the next couple of days.

To get the ball rolling...I just got out of my first talk of the day, given by none other than Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari (and Chuck E. Cheese, one of my favorite childhood destinations, but I digress). The talk largely focused on the future of narrative in games as the medium enters a phase of serious transition, but the most exciting bit was Bushnell's mention of his newest project, SpeedToLearn. Details on the project are slim for the moment (there's not much detail to be found beyond what you can read here), but in the brief time I had to chat with Bushnell, he described it as "flashcards on steroids", a system build to teach children concepts in rapid-fire, sub-one-minute sessions.

I'll be in touch with Bushnell, and hope to bring you more details on his project soon. In the meantime, stay tuned for our continued coverage of GDC Online 2011!

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