Update on McGonigal Book

Just a quick little post today, guys. My copy of Jane McGonigal's new book, Reality is Broken, arrived in the mail this morning (note the totally unnecessary unboxing image). I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about the ARG designer, and mentioned how I was looking forward to reading her book. Well, now it's here, and I'm going to make a concerted effort to get it read in the next week or two. Stay tune for a review in the relatively near future, and for those of you interested in reading it yourselves, it's now available from Amazon and elsewhere.

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  1. jim cummings says:

    McGonigal showcased her general argument in a a piece from this weekend’s Wall Street Journal


    In turn, Ted Castronova provided a recent commentary on her book/argument in a follow-up piece:



  1. How I got cheated: A Modern Warfare story – Part 2 | Motivate. Play. - [...] Suits called the “voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles” (credit to Reality is Broken for the quote). Game designer …

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