The Motivate. Play. Repository is a place to find collections of important video game research. Whether you are a designer looking to buff up your social science credentials, a student writing a paper for class, or a researcher interested in game design, we hope the repository can provide the information you crave.

We are constantly adding to the repository and trying to keep the information manageable. If there is a resource that you don't see here, please let us know.

Motivation & Engagement

Player types, intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation, design elements.

Group Processes & Behavior

Norms, teamwork, community, competition & cooperation, social design.

Virtual Economies 

Currency, virtual goods, economic stability, value. 

Telemetry & User Research

Tracking player behavior, measures, metrics, tools, techniques.

Games as Social Science Research Tools

Mapping to real world behavior, research methods.

The Effects of Games on Players Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behavior

Aggression, social perceptions of reality, cognitive biases, cultivation.