EVE Online dev team to provide economic data to players and researchers

Thanks to Ted Castronova for the heads up:

It appears that the economists who help manage the virtual economy of EVE Online are going to provide public access to price data. While price data might not give us tremendous insights into player motivations and behavior, continued access to this kind of data could prove to be a tremendous boon to researchers attempting to understand complex systems and game design.

According to EVE's Dev Blog:

"We will provide access to EVE market data from 2010 through May 2011. The data will show the average price for more than 6,000 items on the EVE market in the top five trade regions in EVE, along with other basic parameters, as can be seen in the table below. This data can differ from the in-game price history graph, since those graphs use either median price or average price, depending on the number of transactions available. In this case, we opted for calculating both the median and the average price for all items, so both time series are in the dataset. This is a one-time datadump for now, but in the future, the data would be provided on a regular basis. However, the catch is that the data will always be delayed; by how much will be determined at later stages in the development process, but until then, it would be great to hear from you guys what you think would be a reasonable delay: one month, two weeks, several days?"

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